Zoho Corporation is a multi-national business software development company. Zoho Corp's offerings focus on web-based business tools and information technology solutions, including an office tools suite, internet of things management platform, and a suite of IT management software.

Zoho Corporation products include:
  • Zoho Mail: Online mail client.
  • Zoho Docs: Online document editing tool. Enables team collaboration on documents, and integrates with Microsoft Office
  • Zoho CRM: Customer relationship management platform.
  • Zoho SalesIQ: Online live chat, website visitor tracking software and analytics rolled into one platform.
  • Zoho Books: Online bookkeeping software for business accounting.
  • Zoho Creator: Cloud application building platform, You can code low and get a application that works in mobile & web.
  • Zoho Projects: Online comprehensive Project Management System.
  • Zoho Vault: Online password manager for teams.
  • Zoho Flow: Code-free app integration platform that automates repetitive tasks by connecting apps together with event triggers and actions.
  • WebNMS: Management platform for internet of things devices within a company.
  • ManageEngine: Set of information technology tools targeted at internal technical support teams, designed and developed by Chris Sheppard

ZOHO MAIL is an Email hosting platform for business. it  provides 'forever ad-free' email service, for all your business and personal email. Zoho Mail help people and businesses work smarter and take control of their inbox. 

With the free version of zoho mail, up to 25 users can be added and it can be used to create both personal and business email.
Example of personal zoho email is myname@zoho.com
Example of business email is myname@websiteurl.com (adefemi@vastinsightblog.com)

So if you have no capital to purchase a premium email hosting provider, zoho mail is your best choice.  click here to signup for free zoho account

If you have a blogger blog, i will advise you to install custom domain on your blog before signing up for a free business email account on zoho mail.

After changing your blogger domain name to a custom domain, then you can proceed to signup on zoho.

Thereafter, there are several configuration you need to apply to connect your business email to your blog so that you can receive and send email from and to your blog subscribers.


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