Many people want to venture into blogging but they have no start up capital to start blogging over a self hosted platform so the only viable option is to choose free blogging platform such as blogspot/blogger, Wordpress (free version).

With these free blogging platform, many bloggers with no startup money have been able to establish themselves as a professional blogger but it took them a long time.


Because free blogging platforms such as blogspot has a lot of limitations and it takes a lot of hard work to be successful with it.

One of such limitations is having a blogspot domain that is long and not friendly.

example of a blogspot domain is and
example of custom domain is

With this kind of URL, it makes it easy for people to forget your URL or mistype it. hence making you loose traffic.

Thanks to google for their update on blogger settings, you can now have a custom domain for your blogspot blog and harness the various blogging opportunities.


1. CUSTOM DOMAIN NAME IS CHEAP TO BUY: with various domain hosting platform, it is easy to purchase a customized domain name for as little between $9 and $11.

but i suggest you buy your cheap .com domain name from godaddy for less than a dollar with this link

2. PROFESSIONALISM: people tends to view blogs with as non professional and a starter in their respective niches but see blogs with .com custom name as professional bloggers.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT: social media is an important tool for showing people the content on your blog if done the right way. people dont often trust the domain name because they have the notion that its a free blog and you could be a spammer.

 if you want trust for your brand and content. buy a custom domain name here

4. BLOG PROMOTION AND MARKETING: a blog or website with a long, shady, and boring blogspot URL put off professional bloggers who could in one way or the other help you in promoting your content by linking back or sharing to their fan base. thus loosing credibitlity and opportunities of promotion.

5. EASY USE OF OTHER PROFESSIONAL FEATURES: with a custom domain name, you can setup a professional email address for your blog such as it also allow you to create sub-domains such as

you can get a professional email service for your blog here

6. HOSTING MIGRATION: there is no doubt that in the future you will make some money with your free blogspot blog and want to move your blog from blogspot to a self hosted wordpress platform. hence the need for you to acquire a custom domain. why? because it helps you migrate easily without loosing traffic to your blog, link building techniques and other SEO techniques you have implemented on your blog over time.

7. AUTHORITY: having a custom domain for your blogspot blog makes you look like an authority in your respective niche to your audience. it keeps you real and helps people make certain decision  about your online presence.


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