The trends of online business is overwhelming and thousands of people in Nigeria make money online daily and I mean the legal way.

There are a lot of ways to make money online in Nigeria but believe me when I tell you that it takes some strategies and persistence to make money online.

The people who promises you instant earnings just want to sell you their ebook and suck some money out of your pocket to their bank account. No thanks to Easy online payment integration.

There is basically a lot of money online to be made but with the right strategies. For the purpose of this post, I will only be sharing with you the 5 popular online business model you can implement to make your bank account swell.

lets's dive right in;

1. BLOGGING: this is the first method of making money online. There are many bloggers these days but there are few bloggers who really make money. Well as you can see, this blog is a new blog I just created but I make money from other sources. But, blogging takes time to make money so you have to put in some significant amount of smart and not hard work to earn from your blog.

There are basically different ways to build and own a blog and there are processes which will be discussed later in another post.

You can create a free blog through Blogger by Google or Wordpress. Also Wix can be used.
You don't need to have profound knowledge in programming or web coding.

2. AFFILIATE MARKETING: This is the best way to make money online. Even bloggers make money as an affiliate.
So what is affiliate marketing?
This is a model whereby you send or recommend a product to people and once they buy the product, you get a commission. shikena.

For example: If i send someone to konga through my unique link which i post on my blog or send to friends on social media to buy a lady gown worth #15,000, I get a commission of #2250 which is 15% commission according to konga commission rate on fashion.

Basically, if i get 10 people to buy the gown in a month, then that means i make #22,500 from directing people to buy the gown without incurring any risk of shipping or storing the product.

3.  INFORMATION MARKETING: This is a very good source of making money online. Information marketing is just simply creating a report, Ebook, Video file, Audio file about a particular topic which people are willing to pay for and sell it to them.

For instance, In Nigeria, you could select a niche of people like women who get fat belly after childbirth and create a report on how to get rid of after birth belly fat in one week.

Then you create a good sales page and get them to see the page through social media ads or any other means.
Gbam, you sell to them you solution and you could upsell them with a good herbal product you find and make money from that too.

4.  FREELANCING: This means selling your expertise on a particular niche maybe Website building or Cartoon creation even from the comfort of your home and make money.

There are a lot of people who have some skills but are npt putting them to use because nobody knows they do.
You can register on sites like fiverr, upwork, freelance etc and get your skills listed there.

5.  SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Social media has changed everything concerning business. even the so called big giants in the business sector leverage on social media to increase their revenue generation likewise the startups. But, as there is increase in startups with more demand for social media marketer, the number of efficient social media marketer is at a low.

So you can take this as an opportunity and start to learn the strategies of social media management because big companies pay big to get more revenue.

Now you have it, this is just an highlight of the online businesses you can do and earn good money from.
You should do your research about each of them but I will be making more detailed post on each and how to go about them.

Feel free to leave a comment and share with your friends to get them aware


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