A pro blogger or website owner will want to have idea of how his blog or website is progressing based on ranking on search engines. 

There are various methods of improving a website rank through search engine optimization if implemented rightly. I will be sharing the various methods in another post. 

The main purpose of creating a blog or website is to share to the world what you do or what you know and want to teach other people. Hence the importance of getting your website ranked highly on the web.

Even if you have great content on your blog but nobody gets to see it, then it is of no use. So, here i will be showing you exactly how you can check and know the web rank of your blog.

For those who have no idea what web ranking is, let me give you an insight.

Web ranking is how your blog/website popular enough to internet users. how easy it is for people to see the content on your blog/website. 
for example, if you search for anything on the internet through a search engine like google, google displays certain number of websites or blog that contains details about the information you are searching for. the website shown are popular than others and easy to find by people because of some search engine optimization techniques implemented by the owner . 

Basically speaking, web ranking is the number assigned to the blog/website among several other websites. the higher the number of rank, the lower the popularity of the website and how it can be seen by internet users. 

The lower the number of rank, the more popular the website is. 

Also, ranking is done based on global rank and location rank. that is, the rank of a website in Nigeria will be different from the rank of same website in USA. 

Lets see some examples of web ranking. 

As you can see from the image below that facebook is ranked 3rd on global rank and 4th in USA.

TWITTER is ranked 12 in the world ranking by alexa and 8th in USA

From the images above, we can agree than both facebook and twitter are popular among internet users. That is why they have small number of ranking which means higher popularity. 

Similarly, a website with global rank of 1,000,789 means it is less popular and will definitely attract lesser people visiting it.


STEP 1: Go to google, search for ALEXA CHROME EXTENSION  or click the link to go there direct.

STEP 2: click on the read button that says "ADD TO CHROME", then follow any instruction and wait for it to be added to your chrome browser. 

STEP 3: locate the "A'' sign in the blue circle at the top right corner of your browser as seen in the image below.

STEP 4: Click on the icon whenever you are on a website and you want to know the web rank. 

As you can see from the images, alexa traffic rank also shows the load time of the website, the number of backlinks the website has, and similar websites based on traffic and other ranking factors.

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